HVCC GLOBAL LEASING provides a complete line of the most advanced technology for hospital and medical practices.

Mr. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation has extensive experience in developing major program for hospitals and medical practices. Over the years he has been a major consultant for medicals practices in setting up everything from finance to practice manage.

Mr. Butts started his  medical experience at 23 years old after he retuned from combat in Viet Nam. He took over the development on a major hospital which was merging with a major University. Mr. Butts continued in the Medical field as a consultant to medical practices on reorganization and practice management which often included consulting on leasing option and programs. 

Mr. Butts was ask to help develop the first Medical Employee Leasing firm in the Nation named Avion by the wall street firm Scutter Stevens and Clark. 

Mr. Butts also developed many interconnect telephone companies that were specialized in the Medical multidisciplinary concept connected to major hospitals. He also developed the concept of Intergraded Medical Offices where large number of different medical offices would share the communication system therefore saving huge money for the practices. This was a major issue before divesture.

Mr. Butts has continued his experience developing major programs for Veterans and Veteran Families.

Mr. Butts is Chainman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation  and the Family of Companies which consist of 17 companies. HVCC Global Leasing is one of those companies.